Basic Barbell: Olympic Weightlifting & Strength training

05 May

Packed classes again on Saturday!

Olympic Weightlifting

Today’s theme: Just the jerk

We went through the following drills in a focused and productive hour:

  1. Dip postion
  2. Behind the neck press
  3. Strict press
  4. Behind the next push press
  5. Push press
  6. Tall power jerk behind the neck – half press>jerk
  7. Tall power jerk
  8. Power jerk behind the neck
  9. Power jerk
  10. Jerk balance
  11. Split jerk behind the neck
  12. Split jerk

As usual, terrific work from everyone; battle-hardened veterans, newbies and rushing Russians…

Plenty of PRs to go round again.


Strength training

Max Effort Saturday continued unabated this week.


Pressing: Paused (5 seconds) bench press (interspersed with pull-ups)

Accessories: Diamond push-ups bent over kettlebell rows


Squat: Box squat

Accessories: weighted sit-ups (although I may be wrong about this) and heavy kettlebell swings

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