Five facts about our new branch: # 2

26 May

Following on from yesterday’s first fact, here’s another tit-bit of news about our new branch that opens after the Bank Holiday on 103 Tinworth Street, near Vauxhall station, by Spring Gardens and a stone’s throw from Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth North. So the next of our five facts that you need to know about CrossFit London SE11.

photo (2)SE11 fact # 2. More room than you can shake a PVC stick at

Our new gym is divided in the middle by a pull up rig and essentially gives us room to host two large classes or one huge space for large events. It is our aim to offer a similar format as our Bethnal Green gym and a number of speciality classes including bringing adult gymnastics to a midweek audience, masterclasses and anything we think will capture your imagination.

As always it will be trial and error as we seek to bring you the best mix of fitness initiatives to keep you suitably engaged and challenged.

photo (5)Expect to see a whole schedule of special events to be held in vauxhall as we prove just how awesome our new space is.

Make sure you support us as our London domination heads south into Vauxhall. Book into a class here.

Fact number 3 tomorrow…

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