Five facts about our new branch: # 3

27 May

photo (14)Fact 1 was on Saturday. Yesterday saw the second. And now for today’s fact about the newest addition to the CrossFit London family located at 103 Tinworth Street between Vauxhall station and Lambeth Bridge, and within easy access of Waterloo, Westminster, Battersea, Oval, Pimlico and Lambeth North. We kick things off tomorrow on Tuesday 28 May.

SE11 fact # 3. CrossFit London SE11 will have it’s own yard

Which we share with a few of our neighbours. This means that when we can tempt the sun out this summer, we can pretend we are at the original CrossFit HQ in California and train in the yard.

Given there doesn’t seem much that can stop Kat these days, perhaps we get her to do bodyweight overhead pistols in the yard this week and YouTube it.

All we need now is pull up bar running across the front shutter and the nostalgia is complete. But probably one for the Christmas list eh.

And it will be great for our first Vauxhall BBQ too!

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