Five facts about our new branch: # 4

28 May

photo (16)Today is our opening at SE11, and if that wasn’t exciting enough get ready for today’s CrossFit London SE11 fact. If you missed the others you can find them here, here and here. We opened our doors this morning at 103 Tinworth Street in Vauxhall. Five minutes from the station, just around the corner from notable landmarks such as MI5 and the Oval cricket ground. Situated ridiculously close to Kennington, Lambeth North, Waterloo, Pimlico and Westminster.

And so today’s fact about the new branch.

SE11 fact # 4. The ladies’ bar

photo (13)Because we like keeping it real at CrossFit London, our pull up rigs are a little thicker and more, shall we say, industrial than most. But as we see it, we’re training your grip and it’s why your deadlift is so awesome.

However, that said for the new gym we have installed a thinner (33mm) ladies bar so those with smaller hands may find those pull up WODs a little easier. Unless it’s 100 of them and then you’re screwed no matter what.

To come down to Vauxhall and try it out for yourself. You can book here.

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  1. Great! I have just looked up on google maps and found the new gym is only half a mile walk from my work, so I will definitely be checking out in June when I return from holiday!

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