Five facts about our new branch: # 5

29 May

photoSo we’re now up and running and into our second day down on Tinworth Street in Vauxhall. Make sure you spread the word to everyone in Waterloo, Battersea, Pimlico, Victoria, Kennington and Lambeth North that there’s a new CrossFit gym on the block and we’re bringing all that is holy from Bethnal Green to the good people of the south.

I’ve already gone though four other great facts about the new branch including how we’re part of the Vauxhall resurgence, we are bigger than ever, we have our own outdoor space and we have installed a lovely lady bar on the pull up rig. Now for the pièce de résistance.

SE11 fact # 5. Colin

CrossFit London SE11 is the only CrossFit gym in London that you’ll find a return of the one and only Colin Menniss.

Yes, one of our originals who decided dedicating time to his Masters was more important than weekly coaching has decided that, in fact, he can’t live without you. Find him taking up the Saturday slots once again at CrossFit London SE11.

And if he wasn’t enough. You also get a good helping of your usual favourites: Carolyn, Kat, latest upstart trainer Rachel. And of course, me.

photo (4)

So come down to see us and check it all out. Book into a class here.

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  1. Colin!

    Will he be bringing back his traditional Saturday morning class programming?

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