Skills Class 11/5/13

13 May

Another great session working on honing our skills.  This week, we started with the Turkish Get-up, looking first at the correct grip on the bell and then at how to set the shoulder.  Then it was down onto the floor to work through the elements of the TGU…and on not forgetting to keep eyes on the kettle bell at all times!! Solid work all round.

We then moved on to double-unders, working first on singles and jumping high without piking or donkey kicking, before working on fast wrists and, finally, putting it all together.  A huge grin from Sandrine as she cracked single/double/single – well done!

Our third skill was the kipping pull-up.  We began on the floor with hollow dish and supermans, before getting onto the bars and working through progressions.  Really good to see improvements across the board, well done guys.

A reminder: no class this Saturday 18/5/13.  We will post details of the skills that will be covered at the class on 25/5/13.

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