Skills Clinic 04/05/2013

06 May

Our second skills class saw muscle ups, wall balls and rope climbs.

We began looking at rope climbs. We learnt the french climb and russian climb (these are the names I was taught via my circus aerial training I am sure crossfit have their own name). With the rope climbing we were looking at efficiency, trying to minimize the number of climbs needed to get to the top. In order to do this using the legs as the power up rather than relaying on the arms and lifting chest to knees each time we needed to re-grip. Really nice work here by all, Debbie whizzed up the rope like she has been doing it all her life!


After our recent experiences in the open where many of us (myself included) spectacularly failed at 150 wall balls. We decided to have a look at wall balls and some tips, and drills to improve these. Never again do I want to spend 12 minutes swearing at a fabric covered ball. Essentially the wall ball is a front squat and a thruster type action. We worked on some front squats with the med ball really focusing on ‘big chest’ as often, especially in the re catch the ball drives peoples torsos forward. We then had a explore of optimum ball grip (ahem), and ways to keep consistent  The improvement here by most was excellent. most people were getting solid number strung together with no ‘no reps’. Good work team, we no longer need to dread wall balls.


The last skill of the day was muscle up. Great work Attiya on some lovely transition drills. Also great work to Kirk who got his first ring muscle up. and Jason not far off, just some false grip work to be done.


Well done all, lovely group to teach and nice to see people taking their training seriously and dedicating some time to skills.


Next week Tim will be delivering the class and it will be:


kipping pull up

Toes to bar

turkish gets ups


Rachel and Tim



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