Skills Clinic Debut!!!27/04/2013

02 May

Last week was the debut of the new CrossFit London Skills Clinic! It went off with a bang and we got our skills on!!]

This week we looked at:

Double Unders




In all three movements we focused and drilled body positioning, fixing this will and drilling this will be the key to efficiency and nailing most of these skills.

For double unders we explored the height of our jumps, keeping light, on our toes and with the chest big. Maintaining arms long  and close to the body is also key so not the alter your rope length. Some good work and a think more than a few managed stringing a few together, for others, the quest continues!

For kipping we nailed the dish and arch position working from the floor onto the bar. Some of us stayed working on getting a nice fluid kip always pulling the bar down allowing space in the shoulders and neck, Debbie did some great work here, when the kip is working it should look light and quite effortless and Debbie got this! Other half of the team worked on the ‘push away’, once you achieve the pull up the key at the top is to push the par away to get back into a solid kip. Big mention to heather here who really nailed this again making it look easy! Shoulder flexibility was still a slight issue here for some, good work all round.


For our hand stand section we went back to headstands. One of the biggest issues we see in handstands is improper body position and tension, we have banana backs, jelly legs…well i’ll stop there.  It seems once in the air or upside down people’s body awareness goes through the window. So tool a step back and worked on finding solid body alignment in a headstand where people were more stable and had time to really find the correct position. I must say I was massively impressed here, not one arched back, there were pointed feet and solid headstands. Really great. From here some continued on with the headstands and other moved onto assisted spotted handstands again always correcting shape.


Excellent work from all!

This week we delve in the the muscle up worlr, rope climbs and……..everyone’s favorite (mine included) wall balls. Tips tricks and drills.


See you saturday!!

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