WOD Saturday 5th May – Level 2 & 3 – My vague memories

05 May

The originally scheduled programming for the day involved Angie and something called ‘Widowmakers’. And while there is a time and a place for 40mins long WOD, I decided that time was “some other” and that place was “not in my class”…

Luckily my invocation of executive privilege was roundly supported by the gathered masses. And that is pretty much all I can remember, for some reason.


Even though this was only yesterday, I honesty can’t remember. At one point we definitely got into high knees and “cheek to [butt] cheek” arm swings…

Skills work

I only remember doing power clean drills, so maybe that was it? Is what Guy Pierce’s character in Memento felt like…?


AMRAP 12 mins (13 mins for Level 3)
3 Ground to overhead, followed by:

10 Push-ups
10 Air squats (level 2)

5 Pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats (level 3)


50 weighted sit-ups with your partner (ankles interlocked). The nasty case of “sit-up butt” that greeted me in the shower this morning suggest that I got in on this action too…

Side note: I have managed to shoe-horn the word “butt” into this post three times now. Must be some sort of record, no?

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