Coach Spotlight: Rachel Entwistle

09 Jun

Rachel 1You think you know your coaches? Think again.

Actually you probably do know Rachel pretty well. She’s a regular class attendee, our rope and aerial specialist, and runs regular classes at both CrossFit London UK and CrossFit SE11. So she’s always hanging around. She’s also not afraid to laugh at herself and is quick to let everyone know when she thinks her own rep was a bit ropey.

Ok, no more rope puns. On with the questions:

Most memorable CrossFit London moment?

My first Thursday night class with Kat coaching where I stuffed most the boys with my pull ups and got a really good metcon time. As I was pretty new, I was smiling ear to ear. When I left, Kat said to me: ‘great work Rachel’.

Favourite thing about CrossFit SE11?

The thinner pull up bar! And the view of London walking to the box. Oh and Basil.

Favourite cheat food?

I have to choose one? 

Describe your dietary approach?

Still trying to find the prefect balance for me, as the answer above would suggest I have a wicked sweet tooth and grew up around pies and bread and butter pudding.

I TRY to follow pretty much a paleo ethos, but have things like porridge in the morning and clearly the odd (ahem) treat. Most important for me is to try keep gluten-free.

Favourite workout music?

Drum and bass/dub step/dance.

Back squat or front squat?

Back squat (though I should front squat more)

If you were a CrossFit movement, what would you be? 

I would be a power clean. Short, stumpy and pretty easy to get along with.

photo (12)If you were a gladiator from the TV series, what would your name be?

Easy. T-Rex!

Other than CrossFit London/SE11, do you do any other work?

I work as a freelance dancer/aerialist. I teach aerial skills at a couple of schools in London, mainly trapeze, rope and some silks. I also perform aerial and am also part of a dance theater duet. 

Most hated workout (girl/hero?)

Anything with a run.

Favourite workout (girl/hero?)

Probably ‘Diane’.

Favourite movement to teach?

Cleans or pull ups

What advice would you give someone new to CrossFit?

Take your time and don’t compare yourself to everyone else. Lots of the movements are complex and take a long time to understand (even then, getting your body to do what you want is another story!) Don’t expect to build strength overnight. Its a long but fun and rewarding journey and you never really stop learning, there is always something to work on. 

Of the ten physical skills CrossFit aims to improve, which are you best at? (endurance, strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, accuracy, power, speed, coordination, balance)

Strength and power.

And worst?

Endurance and stamina

Tell me about a member or client who inspires you?

Lots of the members inspire me for very different reasons, some for their commitment and ownership over their own training, some for their attitude and some for the progress they make week in week out.

Kate Pankhurst’s journey of CrossFit is amazing and inspiring for anyone, also Alex Douglas never fails to impress me in a WOD.

Rachel 2

What motivates you during a workout and gets you through?

The thought that it has to end at some point get me through. I also picture that six pack I know is just waiting to bust on out. Trying to beat the boys is always fun too!

If someone asked you how to get their first pull up. What would you suggest?

Practice. Lots! With a spotter, with a band, negatives, tackle it from every angle. You have to keep consistent though, pull ups are something that drop quickly if you don’t do them regularly. Luckily at CrossFit London and SE11, we do!

What was your last PR? 

Weighed pull up (22 kg) and free stand handstand about 20 seconds

What’s your middle name?


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