Level 2 isn’t so scary

27 Jun

If you are new to us at CrossFit SE11 or CrossFit London then this post is for you.

We understand that you come through your Level 1 classes full of beans. Eager to learn all the movements. Soaking up all those cues and gearing yourself up for a prosperous future with CrossFit.

But then the moment arrives when school’s out and it’s time to actually get on with it. The pace is set to increase and that’s when some people can get a little scared. After all, you saw a few classes whilst you were waiting for the Level 1 to start and those guys looked like they were working bloody hard. Do I really want to put myself through that?

I want to let you know it ain’t so bad.

Level 2 is all about building up some consistency in the movements you just learnt. It’s not about throwing you to the lions and watching you get torn apart. One of the great things about CrossFit is that it is very inclusive of all people, all ages, all abilities, all levels of fitness.

You are privy to some of the finest CrossFit trainers in London who have the experience and know-how to scale all of the movements up or down. To select weights that are appropriate to you so that you will be challenged but not pushed so far that you lose good form.

Will you have to work hard? Of course, but then you came to us looking to be an all over fitness badass and for that you need to put in the hard slog. But remember that you don’t have to kill yourself in the process and you won’t be expected to by us.

The teams in Vauxhall and Bethnal Green want to make your experience with us fun and enjoyable whilst conducive to turning you into a well oiled fitness machine able to be stronger, faster, and generally more amazing. On top of that you are getting involved with a gym that has an amazingly supportive community that holds it all together so it’s not just the coaches that have got your back, but also your fellow members.

So don’t be afraid of those Level 2 classes, despite the fact we look like we’re in pain, we’re actually having a pretty awesome time.

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