Muscle ups and levers

23 Jun


It doesn’t matter how badass you are with your squat and deadlift, you cannot claim to have true strength unless you can perform reps with just your bodyweight on fundamentals like pull ups and dips.

Such basics need daily attention in order to improve. Once you can say you can perform unassisted pull ups and ring dips you can then begin working towards the other tougher movements and skills we perform at the gym and one of the most revered is the muscle up.

So hurry up and get that pull up bar on your door frames at home! Set up your rings and start working the support and then the dip!

photoHaving said that, if only the muscle up was as simple as jumping on the rings and doing a pull up followed by a dip. Even if you can rattle out pull up after pull up after ring dip, there is still a lot more to this skill. As so often is the case, technique most be honed and you must get familiar with how to transition from below to above.

We are holding another Alex Jerrom masterclass on muscle ups and levers at CrossFit London SE11 in Vauxhall.

Even if you are still working towards your first pull up and ring dip, this masterclass will provide you with a path on how to eventually achieve the muscle up, demonstrating progressions that will bring you closer to the full movement.

Alex will also cover front and back levers, suspending your horizontal body position on bar or rings. It is again the case that you will need to master the foundations first, as without a solid hollow position and good mobility the full movement is going to elude you for now. But working through floor drills and scaled movements will bring you closer and provide insight into how to get from A to B.

Alex has spent twelve years as a gymnast and four years as head coach at East London Gymnastics Club, giving him a wealth of experience in teaching gymnastics to all ages and abilities.

Expect to leave with a better understanding of these gymnastics staples plus a review of all the foundation movements you need to be working and building upon in order to achieve them.

The masterclass will take place on Saturday 13 July 2013 at 2pm.

Get yourself booked on to the course here.

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