Paleo. Zone. Dont forget the fibre

01 Jun

To this day, the only popular diet with “legs on” is the high fibre diet.

Most nutritionalists suggest 18-30g per day, but if you suffer from constipation, you can afford to go higher than that with no ill-effects.

Eat nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruit ( it is true there is fibre in bread  , but see my article about the uses and abuses of bread)

It may be worthwhile considering Oats and Bran and Psyllium husks

It probably works  in the area of  food intake control.

Inclusion of fiber in the diet promotes satiation and prolongs satiety, aids in long-term compliance to low energy diets, and encourages “healthy” food choices and eating habits.  There is an interesting paper available on the internet  “DIETARY FIBER AND ENERGY REGULATION” by Britt Burton-Freeman

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One thought on “Paleo. Zone. Dont forget the fibre

  1. Further to good digestion benefits of eating veggies, I’d also like to stress the importance of high intake of vegetables for people on high (animal) protein dietary plans. Quoting a study by Sellmeyer et al. (2001), different sources of dietary protein may have different effects on bone metabolism. Animal foods provide predominantly acid precursors, whereas protein in vegetable foods is accompanied by base precursors not found in animal foods. Imbalance between dietary acid and base precursors leads to a chronic net dietary acid load that may have adverse consequences on bone.
    (Am J Clin Nutr January 2001 vol. 73 no. 1 118-122)
    In summary more veggies, stronger bones + good digestion !!

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