WOD 27 June 2013

27 Jun

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Level 2

Push press 5-5-5-3-3-3

Handstands – technique work

8 minutes AMRAP of burpees.

Level 3

Clean & jerk 5 x 3+1 (75%)

Front squat 5-4-4-3-3

8 minutes AMRAP of burpees.

Olympic lifting: the ‘j’ word

We have discussed between trainers previously how difficult it is to avoid using the ‘j’ word when we are coaching the Olympic lifts. As we continue to expose ourselves to different methods and points-of-view we realise that by using the ‘j’ it can often lead to some poor technique further down the line.

In our experience telling people to jump can be a useful cue for beginners in thinking about moving the bar properly during the snatch or the clean & jerk. It helps to convey the notion that the arms shouldn’t be driving the lift.

However, what can often happen is that by thinking of the snatch or clean as a jump will then introduce a donkey kick to the lifts whereby the lifter is extending a few inches into the air before landing into the receiving position.

When performing the lifts, the feet should be extended only enough to allow them to move laterally into the receiving position. As we discovered during our recent work with Don McCauley is that when you think of the movement as a jump, both the bar and lifter are travelling upwards. When what is needed is for the bar to keep going up but your job is to be travelling downwards. To clarify, you need to be pulling yourself under the bar.

Solutions to too much jump include snatch balances, lifts performed from the high hang, lifting with flat feet and McCauley’s dirty dancing drill which we have found to be effective and a great warm up.

Even though we might occasionally let the ‘j’ word slip. Please remember that your Oly lifts are not really about jumping the bar of the ground. The aim is for fast feet, not high feet.

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