Five minutes of your time for 30 days

01 Jul

Despite our swagger around the gym here in Vauxhall and a general smugness, us trainers are actually just like you. We have our weaknesses. The chinks in our armour that hold back our training, just as you do with yours.

We can also be a little neglectful with these weaknesses too. It’s human nature to want to gravitate towards your strengths and leave your weaknesses on the back burner despite us preaching to you that you have to address your own.

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But for 30 days we want to change all that.

CrossFit SE11 coaches Rachel, Kat, Carolyn, Colin and myself will all be picking out a skill or training weakness that we want to improve. This is what we will be covering:

RACHEL: air squat

KAT: handstands and handstand push ups

CAROLYN: push strength (specifically ring dips for Carolyn but you’ll read in a moment why we can’t restict it to just this)

COLIN: double unders

CHRIS: thoracic mobility (for those of us that have tight upper back/shoulders and struggle with locking out overhead)

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What incredibly complex strategy do we have in order to attack each one of the above? We plan to dedicate FIVE minutes each and every day for 30 days to our weaknesses. That’s it.

Which is kinda why we can’t just have Carolyn do ring dips because most of us don’t have gymnastics rings in our homes and it’s unlikely you’ll be in the gym every day. We need to make this as easy to follow as possible.

We will be kicking this off on Monday July 8th 2013 for 30 days.

Just five minutes. It may mean slightly less time commenting on each other’s Facebook status’ each day but that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make. The rationale is that if you make something a habit, a routine then with that exposure improvements will be seen. Perhaps five minutes isn’t long enough but it’s sure as sugar better than no time at all. And this is also about building a routine.

And we want to invite you along with us. We want to recruit members to join up with one of the coaches above so that you can improve your air squat, handstands, pushing strength, double unders or thoracic mobility with our guidance.

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Each week we’ll set a seven day programme for the daily five minutes. We’ll email our group with what we want you to do at the start of each week and we’ll ask that you respond to us with a ‘compliance update’ at the end of the week telling us that you did (or didn’t God forbid) complete five minutes of work each and every day. We’ll also ask for some feedback on how you’re getting on so we can shout about how amazing our group is and be crowned as SE11 Supertrainer!

Ok so there isn’t a prize for SE11 Supertrainer as it will be a bit difficult to judge progress across totally different skills BUT we will be taking a great deal of pride in the fact we are helping our beloved members and in the process making a difference to our own training.

The idea of all this is that we get to work on a skill that is appropriate to us. No doubt lots of you will have similar weaknesses and so we get to help you. And everybody gets some accountability. Plus the added benefit of some healthy competition between the coaches.

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As we see it, we have nothing to lose.

Interested? Then email the coach who has the weakness you want to work with. Tell them you want to join their group. For best results this should be measurable so go along to a class and do a quick assessment so we can test progress at the end of the 30 days. And then dedicate just five minutes each and every day to doing the exercises we have set you.

Ideally, we would have you just follow one trainer so that we can maintain the spirit of just five minutes of work. But if you really want to commit to more than one, we won’t stop you.

We’re waiting for your emails. And no doubt there will be some ‘no pressure’ encouragement from each coach that you join their group. Let the challenge commence, contact us NOW and say “I wanna join your 30 day challenge group“:

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Air squat:


Push strength:

Double unders:

Thoracic mobility:

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