More adult gymnastics in Vauxhall

09 Jul

photo (39)Coach Rachel and I had a depressing time at last weekend’s barbecue. We ended up chatting to gymnastics coach Aggie Kikut. It’s not that this is a bad thing – it’s that you spend five minutes chatting to Aggie you realise how awesome she is. Gymnastics coach, Olympic weightlifting competitor (the first competition she entered she won, the second is the 2013 British Olympic Weightlifting Competition in Wales taking place this coming weekend), personal trainer, amazing CrossFitter and now CrossFit Level 1 coach too.

We tried our hardest to find her weaknesses. We failed.

photo (37)Joking aside, Aggie is a bit of an inspiration to listen to with all the challenges she pursues, her next one is going to be her addition to the CrossFit SE11 family.

Following the success of Amelia’s Tuesday night classes, we will be adding more gymnastics to the schedule on Thursday evening here in Vauxhall:

6.30pm – Absolute Beginners

7.30pm – Beginners

photo (38)We recommend that you try to get to at least one gymnastics session per week (yes, at least). It provides a perfect balance to the WOD classes giving added focus to some of the 10 CrossFit physical skills you are probably lacking: notably flexibility, coordination, balance, but not to mention strength and endurance (how long can your muscles hold you in that handstand? Exactly).

We kick things off Thursday 18th July. Get booking

NB. I know there are lots of our members who are itching for an intermediates class, once we have the equipment (on order) you can expect more gymnastics on the schedule from us.

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