The 30 Day Challenge: why you should join Chris’ group

06 Jul

photo (35)Do you need to be in my thoracic mobility group for the 30 day challenge? There’s a quick test you can do to see if should sign up to my five minutes per day programme:

1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

2. Tighten the stomach muscle so that you do not over arch the lower back.

3. Extend your hands straight up, and then drop them towards the floor/by your ears. Keep the arms straight throughout.

4. Can you touch your wrists to the floor? If you’re nowhere near, you need to be in my group. If you’re not too far off, maybe you could still do with being with me. If you’re wrists are flat then you’d probably be best served in another group (maybe Kat as she needs the numbers). Rachel demonstrates what good thoracic mobility should look like:

photo (26)

Remember to ask yourself, did you have to strain or over-arch your back to get the wrists to the floor? It shouldn’t be a struggle.

We hired this handsome model with poor thoracic mobility to come down to CrossFit SE11 in Vauxhall and demonstrate a failed test result (he didn’t provide a name):

photo (25)

Remember, this challenge is aimed at all the people who share this weakness and want to improve. There is no pressure from any of the trainers to join. But at just 5 minutes per day, you will benefit from improved posture, nicer handstands, easier overhead squats, push jerks, push presses, strict presses and better WOD performances and times.

All you need to do is email me at and ask to join the group.

First week programme will be sent tomorrow.

NOTE for all those who have already joined, or would like to join, I require a photo from you like the ones above.

Guidelines for photo:

1. Follow the test instructions above.

2. Have somebody take a photo of you, making sure all of your body is in the shot. Distance should be approximately 1.5 metres away and taken from the floor.

3. Email me the photo.

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