The 30 Day Double Under Challenge

07 Jul

Do you struggle with double unders?

Are you frustrated by double unders?



Are you sad when you see them posted in the WOD?



Well have no fear, Coach Colin is here!

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Just 5 minutes every day for thirty days and we guarantee you will be a double under monster! If you are not happy with the results we guarantee your money back! OK there is no fee it is totally free.  The price we all like.

Why do we even do double unders anyway?

“Jumping or skipping rope is a good tool for developing cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. This is six of the ten adaptive components.” Coach Glassman

I too struggle with them; about ten in a row is my max, if I am lucky. They are my goat, my monkey on my back and other animals too. However I am going to change that with your help.

So how does it work?  We are going to be like a support group.  Our intention is to improve our double unders. It does not matter if you cannot do one or you have a few in your bag.  The drills we will be practicing will help improve all aspects of our double unders.  All I ask is that you spend five minutes every day practicing your current drill then review yourself and decide if you can move on to the next drill.  I will be emailing coaching points and looking for feedback along with video links and tutorials.  Let us make sure this is a two way street and share any drills, cues or just interesting stuff and also keep this fun. Why not look to practice in an unusual or interesting place (constantly varied) and take a picture and share it. Maybe we can have a prize for best picture?

Below is a list of coaching cues and drills. Have a read, some maybe new to you some might be familiar.  You may need to start right at the beginning and you may be further along with your skill progression.  But know this, the list and experience is organic. Let us speak out about what works and what does not. Remember we are all different and I have compiled this list from many sources but not ALL sources. We can use the comments page below; we can email the group or post in the Facebook event.  By the end of 30 days we should all see some progress and also collect a great bunch of drills and cues to share.  


  1. Proper Rope. Generally a fast spinning light weight rope, but some people prefer a heavy rope.  The industry sells a thousand “Holy Grail” ropes. I have a Buddy Lee one, it works. The rope should be the correct length. Stand on the centre of the rope and the handles should reach your armpits. Some like it a tad shorter. “Tad” is imperial for the metric “a bit”.
  2. Practice singles. Relaxed efficient jump timing. With a hollow or dished body shape, hands in front of torso slight bend in the elbow and rotating at the wrist. I want you to listen to the rhythm.  Get to know it. Especially note the sound of the rope hitting the floor just before passing under your feet.
  3. Now lose the rope and practice single jumps as if with the rope then power jump once and return to singles. You are looking to create height but not massive amounts just enough to allow the rope to spin under twice. Think about the landing do not travel. Think about body shape do not heel kick/bring your knees up/pike when power jumping. Maintain hollow body position.
  4. Practice with the rope try and do 4 singles 1 DU get comfortable with this so you can easily transition and maintain shape especially as you start to get a little tired.
  5. Next 2 singles 1 DU.
  6. Lose the rope practice single jumps followed by 2 power jumps. Say 2 for 2 or 1 for 2 but building up to stringing multiple power jumps together and maintaining good rhythm and shape.
  7. Now let’s try this with the rope. Take your time build up to getting comfortable with multiple DU’s. Listen for that timing of when to jump. Just as the rope hits the floor you should be power jumping and accelerating/whipping that rope through for the DU.

Pit Falls.

Single skips are too fast. If you skip really fast when it comes to DU’s you will have to spin that rope faster than the speed of sound to make a DU.  Think slower controlled singles means better controlled DU’s.

Losing the dish shape. Donkey kicks, pikes and knee tucks are a waste of energy and mess up your timing.

Timing.  Jumping too soon. I did this for ages jumped and accelerated the rope from behind me; it needs to be done from in front of you. Listen for the rope hitting the floor power jump and spin that rope.

You can work your way through these drills and spend as long as you need too before moving on.  But also do not be afraid to just have a go every now and then and see what happens.

Have a look at this video. It is about the most complete tutorial I have ever seen. It is a little dry but covers all the points.

Once you have watched that, watch this and make yourself smile.

If you are interested in signing up drop me an email at;

Go Team Double Unders!


6 thoughts on “The 30 Day Double Under Challenge

  1. Well today is Day 1 of our journey. We were tasked with improving our skipping/jumping/bouncing. Getting better at our singles will help with our DU’s. So for five minutes we practiced being in a dish/hollow shape, shoulders relaxed bouncing from the balls of our feet and not travelling. then we introduced the rope spinning by our side and concentrated on correct bouncing. Then with the rope in both hands we worked on doing one perfect jump. After a few of these we strung some perfects jumps together, hopefully.

  2. Day 1 Feed back. Well it seems the idea of improving our singles first could be of benefit. We have been able to identify certain issues and try to correct them. Hand position, travelling while bouncing, tight shoulders and spinning from the elbows were some examples identified. But everyone stated that working on our singles and trying to get perfect form feels like the right way to go.
    Day two is going to be more of the same but now having identified our personal challenges we will focus on correcting those.
    Go Team Double Unders!

  3. Ok It’s Day 4 and Team Double Unders have been working hard on perfecting our singles. Lots of issues have been identified and targeted. We have had our first picture submission from Drine:

    We are now starting to up our singles looking to get big numbers but always with quality. Over the following week we will be looking to start developing our power jumps.

    Keep up the hard work people and start looking for a Double Dutch rope.

  4. So we are ending our week with working on getting volume of perfect singles. Next week we be looking at the power jump. Its been enlightening so far.

  5. So Week 2 is all about refining our singles and grasping the power jump. The power jump is just like a single bounce but higher. This gives you more time in the air to get the rope round twice. We still stay on the balls of our feet relaxed shoulders and keep our feet under our hips. We will drilling a lot without the rope getting used to the transition from singles to DU’s . Have seen some great photo’s and video’s too. Keep up the effort Team DU’s!

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