WOD 3 July 2013

03 Jul


Level 2

Push press 5-5-3-3-1-1

Double under – practise and technique

Level 3

Snatch break downs: from the knees, from the high hang x 5

Back squat: 5-5-3-3-1-1

10 x 100m sprints, recording fastest and slowest time.

30 Day Challenge

So you may have caught wind of the 30 day improve your weakness challenge going down at SE11, each of the coaches is doing 5 minutes of work on their individual weakness every day for 30 days. If you share the weakness with the trainer you can email them, and join them on their quest to improve. The trainer will email you a programme to follow and together miracles will happen! OK , maybe not but hopefully we should all see some gains!!

So folks, I (coach Rachel) am going to be doing the humble air squat! Some of you may have witnessed my air squat, and for those that haven’t, lucky you! If. like myself, you find any one of these sentences being hurled at you several times over in a WOD: ‘HEELS’ ‘LOWER’, ‘KNEES OUT’ or ‘WAS THAT A SQUAT’?? then chances are you should sign up to my group and hopefully by the end we will all look like this:


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