Coach Spotlight: Carolyn Logan

14 Aug

photo (13)We’ve seen Kat and Rachel‘s twenty questions to help you learn a little more about them. Now it’s dry humoured Carolyn. Flexibility of a jungle cat, wearer of colourful socks and incredibly capable athlete to boot.

She runs classes at both CrossFit SE11 here in Vauxhall and CrossFit London UK in Bethnal Green, runs her own personal training business out in West London and also heads up our Mobility workshops with Phil. So here we go, all things Logan.

Most memorable CrossFit London/SE11 moment?

From the 2013 CrossFit Open when I managed to get through all of the 13.1 burpees and  snatches. Happy days.

Best part about being a CrossFit coach?

Everyday I pretty much get to help people improve. And I get to laugh at Chris and Rachel most days too.

Describe your dietary approach?

Try to behave and eat clean during the week with a few small exceptions. I relax over the weekend and don’t stress as I want to be able to eat out in public without it being a drama.

Pull ups or push ups?

Pull ups

Favourite workout music?

White Stripes at the moment but anything loud and aggressive.

Push jerk or split jerk?

Push jerk all the way.

Most hated workout?


Favourite workout?


photo (93)If you could go back to your first time teaching or assisting – what advice would you give to yourself?

Be louder and more commanding you stupid blonde northerner.

Of the 10 physical skills CrossFit seeks to improve, which are you best at? (endurance, strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, accuracy, power, speed, coordination, balance)


Of the 10 physical skills CrossFit seeks to improve, which are you worst at?


How do you motivate yourself during a workout? What gets you through?

Loud music. Keeping calm. And drawing on the other people around me to keep me going.

What was your last PB?

70kg front squat

Where were you born?


What are your current goals?

To snatch 50kg, to clean & jerk 65kg and to get a muscle up.

How do you respond when someone complains about a hard workout?

Man up.

photo (94)

Best thing about coaching the morning classes?

Always someone there to make the early start worthwhile and make you smile. Though opening up the shutters has be the best moment ever.

Best thing about coaching the evening classes?

Chilled out.

Are there any coaching cues or phrases you are guilty of overusing?

The words ‘good job guys’ comes out of my mouth a lot.

If you had to do a partner workout, which other coach would you choose?

Rachel or Kat… don’t make me choose!

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