Competing at CrossFit Anatheus

21 Aug

photo (1)CrossFit London UK, the parent branch to CrossFit SE11 runs a (Level 4) competition group, The Average Joes, with trainers and members from both gyms. Last weekend we competed at CrossFit Anatheus.

It was a chilly start in London last Saturday when the CFL competition team arrived at Kings Cross to greet Chief Tim (who acquired this name after his brilliant organising skills of the whole day), Captain Kat and and Mr No-Rep extraordinaire Tom Henry (who came along to support with his pom poms) for the trip of a lifetime. To glamorous Hitchin.

After a terribly long journey of twenty minutes and a walk through a very suspicious looking park, Cian led the mobility warm up and Captain Kat gave her inspirational speech of: ‘I will be noting down your weaknesses’.

And so it began. In the Men’s RX’d division we had Tommy C, Alex D, Chris T, Cian and Ruari. In the Women’s RX’d division we had Rosie and myself. In the Men’s scaled division we had Joe and Chief Tim.

The competition consisted of three workouts, as follows:


9 min ladder:

1 ground to overhead

Rosie comp

1 burpee over the bar

5 unbroken double-unders

2 ground to overhead

2 burpee over the bar

10 unbroken double-unders

And so on.

The weights were 60/40kg RX’d and 50kg plus single skips (10, 20, 30 etc.) for our scaled men.

Take note that the double unders were unbroken. That was the tricky part about this WOD, the weight was considerably lighter than expected, but if you didn’t stay calm on the DU, it was game over.


3 rounds for time:

400m run with sandbag 25/15kg (no sandbag for scaled)

Carolyn comp

5 x Bear Complex 60/40kg (scaled men 40kg)

The less said about this WOD the better, if anyone in Hitchin finds my lungs could they please return them. Brutal. And I’ve never been so happy to see a barbell in my life. Everyone else though smashed the run and the complex. Following the horrendous run to make up time I became Supergirl and smashed through the Bear Complex without breathing.


6 min as many rounds as possible:

6 air squats

6 push ups

6 bastards (front and back burpee)

Great WOD to finish with, not sure what my favourite part was. Rosie who clearly ate half of the floor and had a rather attractive dirt beard going on or Tommy C’s eyes rolling back into his head every time he went on his back. And it was during this last workout that Cian (unusually modest until now) finally took his top off.

After a massive balls up with the scoring and a few dethroned people, beers and Bodean’s served as our reward.

Congratulations to all the guys who took part. I had a great day and it was a great team effort. Everyone gave it their all and did CrossFit London proud, we have an awesome team going forward… and I’m very proud to be part of it

The Average Joes are definitely not average… so watch out.

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