Last Friday’s boxing class with Naomi

13 Aug

photo (90)Last Friday saw the return of our boxing class run by awesome Naomi Gibson who was looked fresh and tanned after her holiday.

I spoke to some of the members who attended as they left, also got chatting to Rahul the following morning at Colin’s Saturday class and finally Karima also told me on the Saturday just how brilliant she thought the class was the night before.

The class covered correct stance and movement, jab, cross, left and right uppercuts. In addition there was some work on how to throw a punch whilst moving.

Member Sun found the posture and foot positioning were her biggest challenges with Naomi quick to help her correct both.

The class compliments CrossFit because of the high-intensity nature, it also requires solid stabilisation of the midline and aggressive hip drive, it will also help develop stamina, coordination, balance, accuracy, agility and power.

photo (89)

Duncan who came to the class for his first time actually has a history in boxing. Picking up the sport at the age of 16 and running with it more seriously at University and going on to four actual fights where he won three and lost one. He then continued with his fighting when he moved to Birmingham but he quit after his first scheduled fight after some trouble within the crowd at the event meant his match was cancelled. He’d not really come back to the sport since.

His verdict on our boxing class:

Other than the challenge of the high-intensity cardio, I personally found the class difficult to be so far off the skill level I’ve been at in the past but the class provided exactly what I was looking for – a kick up the arse and reality check!

Boxing is a fantastic workout, like nothing else I’ve done, it was great to be back in that environment and pushing myself. The subtle changes Naomi made to footwork and weight distribution made a real difference to my punches.

Great feedback from all that attended. Naomi is back next Friday, the perfect way to give yourself a different stimulus to end the week on and as Karima points out ‘breaks up the usual training nicely’. Book your spot here.

One thought on “Last Friday’s boxing class with Naomi

  1. Agreed with all the above!

    If you think the boxing class is ‘boxercise’ you’re in for a surprise.
    This type of boxing class is about real boxing technique and Naomi is adamant at making sure we get it right – from stance, to following through with your hips and balance.

    I think it’s a great compliment to CrossFit training and a better way to spend a Friday night than sinking pints at the pub (do that afterwards).

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