New coach on the block

08 Aug

photo (98)Probably not a huge surprise to you all, given he’s been turning up to class pretty often, getting his gymnastics on with Amelia and Aggie, and both shadowing and delivering some Level 1 and Level 2 classes all over the place but we can now officially welcome Coach Armando (aka Mandy) to the SE11 team.

photo (99)Similar to Coach Carolyn, he comes from a dance background and only within the last couple of years decided to hang up his miniature dancing shoes and retrain in fitness. He did his CrossFit Level 1 certification out in Miami and is currently studying towards his personal training qualification. He is pretty fast and nimble in the WODs and was seen doing some assisted back flips this week with Amelia. Pffffft… stop making the rest of the coaching team look bad Armando!

He’ll be taking up Kat’s Tuesday night classes here at CrossFit SE11 as she has been recalled to CrossFit London UK, like contaminated baby food. But not to worry, you can still get your dose of Slovakian sadism here in Vauxhall on Monday mornings and her Sleven Sundays.

photo (97)We’ll also be adding in a Level 2, Tuesdays at 8.30pm. I’ve had feedback that some of you work later and would quite like the option of a late class. So let’s trial this and see if it sails. And more to be announced with the possibility of Mandy also doing some classes in Bethnal Green too.

So welcome to Armando.

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