Pre-Sleven Social workout

30 Aug

photo (16)Sleven Social Special WOD

In teams of 2 complete the following for time:

10 rounds in total (5 per team member) of:
10 single arm kettlebell clean & press (alternating) (L3: 24/16kg, L2: 20/12kg)
200m sprint

10 rounds of ‘Cindy’ in total (5 per team member):
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

60 pistols (alternating) in total (partitioning doesn’t have to be equal between the partners)

200m dash carrying the ‘pet’ whilst the partner performs 15 burpees, then swap

Overhead squat a total of 800kg for every male in the team, and 550kg for every female e.g. two men would need squat a total volume of 1600kg, so if they choose to do this with 40kg they would perform 40 reps, with 20kg they would perform 80 reps (partitioning doesn’t have to be equal between the partners)

400m run per team member

*during the workout one partner (the non-working partner) must hold either in the hands or on the shoulders a ‘pet’. This pet object will be determined by the coach.

*if the pet touches the floor during the workout, the team gets a penalty each time of one minute added to their final time. If the pet stays on the floor for a prolonged period of time (determined by the coach) then further 1 minute penalties will be incurred.

*one partner working at a time.

*one bar per team on the overhead squats, so for different weights it will need to be changed each time.

Links & News

In case you hadn’t realised tonight is our Sleven Social, our monthly drinks. After the workout at 7.30 we’ll be heading to The Black Dog, around the corner from the gym. Everyone welcome.

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