Starting CrossFit in London: a beginners guide

27 Aug

There are two places in London where its probably best to start your CrossFit training. And that’s us here in Vauxhall at CrossFit SE11

There’s a variety of reasons why you might choose us:

1. We are well located. Minutes from a tube and with memberships that are good for either location. So if you work more east but live more south, you get the best of both sites. Both are fully equip facilities with showers should you need them too.

2. We have the space for you. Many smaller CrossFits are at capacity. In fact, we often hear that you may well do your beginners training with other gyms but then find out that there is no space for you in their regular classes. In Bethnal Green we just recently invested in another 2000 sq foot of space just so  you don’t have to go on a  waiting list as well as opening CrossFit SE11 so that we can cater for our members who wanted us in South London.

3. We have a very structured logical and flexible approach to your beginner training. We understand  that it’s not viable to say “every Monday at 5pm for the next 6 weeks”  and so have  beginner lessons floating through the schedule so you can pick and choose when you want to attend.

4. But, blog copy is “cheap”.  Anyone can talk big on the internet.  In fact, CrossFit London UK has been going since 2005, we can boost to be the 1st ever affiliate outside of the American landmass, in fact, CrossFit London UK were the 20th CrossFit affiliate ever. And now you get all our experience at CrossFit SE11 too.

5. We can offer you much more than just CrossFit. We have a number of other classes that compliment our core CrossFit sessions. From adult gymnastics, boxing, rope and aerial, Olympic lifting, strength to regular workshops and masterclasses. How can we offer such a range? We employ the best coaches in London with a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

So CrossFit beginners,  did you get the message? (Vauxhall) click here to start your beginner lessons here in Vauxhall.

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