The i-Course is coming to Vauxhall

05 Aug

icourse1Back in 2005 when CrossFit was still in the early days, before anyone even knew who Rich Froning and Sam Briggs were, before Reebok realised they wanted to associate themselves with the hottest fitness trend in the world and certainly before anyone else had even heard of CrossFit here in London – one man was bringing a number of informal workshops to the masses and spreading the CrossFit word.

CrossFit London UK director Andrew Stemler later developed these workshops in to what we now know as the CrossFit London UK i-Course. A one day course teaching attendees:

  • What the air squat should look like and the most effective drills to get you there;
  • How to perform all the fundamental CrossFit movements like front squat, overhead squat, overhead press, push press, push jerk, sumo-deadlift-high-pull and deadlift;
  • The Olympic lifts. The snatch and clean & jerk broken down into various drills to show the basics of these technical lifts;
  • The main kettlebell movements;
  • A host of gymnastics including handstands, handstand push ups, dish/hollows, L-sits, pull ups (plus scaled versions), ring dips and muscle ups.

The i-Course now comes to CrossFit SE11 this coming weekend. The same format, the same amazing CrossFit London UK and SE11 team, but taking full advantage of the large open space that our second branch in Vauxhall offers.

If you are a beginner looking to go through our Level 1 programme, ready for the classic CrossFit classes (or Level 2 as we call it) then the i-Course could be one route to do so. You’ll just need to let us know that this is your intention and we’ll make sure that we review your progress through the day and then feedback to you if there’s anything more you need to do in order to be Level 2 ready.

The famous, world renown i-Course is coming to south London. Book your place here.

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