WOD 30 August 2013

30 Aug

photo (9)Level 2

Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

Push ups – 3 x max effort (gymnastic position)

For time, 30-25-20-15-10-5:
Wall balls (9/7kg)
Kettlebell snatches (20/12kg)
Sit ups

Level 3

3 power cleans (75%) – every minute on the minute for 6 minutes

Pull ups – 1RM

For time, 30-25-20-15-10-5:
Wall balls (9/7kg)
Kettlebell snatches (24/16kg)
Sit ups

Links & News

If you are attending tonight’s pre-drinks class at 6.30pm then the workout will be different from the above.

Authority Nutrition has it in for vegans this week.

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The not-so evils of high rep weightlifting.

Looking to start with CrossFit SE11 in Vauxhall?

Read this first. Find out more about our beginners programme here, you can book online here and if you feel at all intimidated by all this scary CrossFit check this out too.

If you have any other questions then you should be able to find the answers on the website but if you’re still stuck you can email me here.

One thought on “WOD 30 August 2013

  1. Lee, Just because some of the mmotvenes have a name or were done on purpose (such as using an alternate grip and stopping half way) doesn’t mean it was good idea to do them in the manner shown in the video. The mmotvenes are what they are, regardless of whether they are sometimes used in strongman competitions. In this case, the mmotvenes were poorly performed, out of control, and relatively dangerous. For this reason, the risk reward was totally out of skew. I think many people make poor risk reward decisions when choosing training exercises, and I posted this video as a prime example.As to the idea that that has nothing to do with Crossfit, I disagree. Although each Crossfit gym is different and run by different individuals, there are many similarities from gym to gym. If you showed this video to twenty trainers and asked them to guess where it was filmed, I am sure that most of them would accurately guess this was filmed at a Crossfit gym. And I don’t think anyone would guess it was at Planet Fitness.

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