WOD 8 August 2013

08 Aug

photo (92)Level 2

Power clean 3-3-3-3-3-3

Ring dips – technique

3 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings (20/12kg)
10 kettlebell squats (right arm, rack position)
100m kettlebell suitcase walk (right arm)
10 kettlebell squats (left arm, rack position)
100m kettlebell suitcase walk (left arm)

Level 3

Overhead squat 4-4-4-4-4

L-pull ups 5 x max (90s rest)

3 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
10 kettlebell squats (right arm)
100m kettlebell suitcase walk (right arm)
10 kettlebell squats (left arm)
100m kettlebell suitcase walk (left arm)

Why warm up?

If you turn up late to a class, it’s pretty easy just to slot straight in. You’ll only have missed a bit of the warm-up. Big deal… let’s dive straight into those snatches, no problem.

I’m not going to patronise you. I know, you know that a warm up is important. Maybe a refresher on why would be helpful as it’s easy stuff to forget.

Improve flexibility and mobility. Firstly what’s the difference here? Flexibility is about a specific muscle and connecting soft tissue, where mobility is about degree of movement occurring at a specific joint. The common protocol is to focus on mobility before workouts since static stretching has been shown to reduce contractile muscle strength and impact on the workout itself. Flexibility would tend to come afterwards, if at all. So for best performance some movement specific mobility should be done before the workout to put your joints in the best condition for what lies ahead.

Improved performance. This really leads straight on from the first point. For your best performance, your body needs to be ready. So if you’re doing some Oly lifts, then some simple lunges will start to open up the hip joint in preparation. It will also raise your body temperature so you’re not running on a cold engine. Easy to ignore, but as my school teacher’s used to say before exams, “remember the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Pathetic Performance” (I think they said it to everyone but I can’t be sure).

Decreased injury risk. Again leads on nicely from the points above. The warmer the muscles, the more mobile the joints, the less chance you have of tweaking a muscle. Dead easy to say “I should have warmed up properly before that workout when I pulled that muscle in my back”, so instead take every warm-up seriously. Treat your body like the Buddhist temple that it is.

Improved mental focus. It’s not just the body that needs to be prepared. You also need to get your mind in gear too. If you’re straight from work, or straight from bed you’re either likely to be still thinking about work stuff, or not thinking at all (perhaps you’re thinking you should have stayed in bed today) – the warm up is to get you into ‘let’s do this shiz’ mode. Making you feel like the barbell is an extension of your body, that those wall balls are more natural to you than breathing (unlikely I concur) or that the 400m run is nothing to you… why not 800m! ROAR. Ok, to cut a ramble short, warm-ups get your head ready for the work ahead.

Better movement patterns. This could easily be slotting in with the performance point, though I reckon since this is CrossFit, and we do technical lifts like cleans and snatches it’s important to point out how the warm-up gets you in Oly mode too. If only you did this every day and that the fast lifts were second nature to you. But for many that’s not the case, it may even be that you’re fresh out of Level 1 and the thought of snatches makes you want to cry like a tired baby. If we can incorporate some specific drills, some breakdowns of the clean, jerk and snatch then we are giving you a much better shot at getting things right, revving up your motor patterns and reminding your body how things should look/feel and making you a much happier crossfitter who can leave the gym knowing you nailed that shiz.

So, warm-ups. They be pretty important. So get to class on time and make sure you prep your body. In fact, get to class early and start working on what is specific to you (tight calves, tight hip, rubbish thoracic etc.)… and if the coach isn’t there yet (despite him living only a few streets away in Vauxhall) then get doing your mobility in the yard. No excuses.

Credit where it’s due, I wrote this after reading this. Mine is totally better though 😉

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