CrossFit SE11 zip hoodies

12 Sep

The season is definitely changing.

We’ve already noticed it’s darker in the evenings, wetter, and pretty soon those damn clocks will go back.

Winter is coming.

But on the bright side, let’s get some cool CrossFit SE11 zip hoodies to make ourselves feel heaps better and keep us snug on those cold, miserable days ahead.

Unlike our t-shirts these will be ordered periodically if and when we have adequate demand for them. The cost will be in the £25-30 range.

photo (17)I’m looking at a couple of options: heather grey like the t-shirts, black CrossFit London design on the back, red SE11 logo on the side. (right photo)

Or possibly charcoal grey, with white CrossFit London design on the back and red SE11 logo on the side. (left photo)

If you are interested in buying one of these must-have items, you’ll need to email me/Facebook message me/tell me or one of the other coaches in person. After the order is placed if you decide you want one you’ll have to wait until the next time we have some made which will be dictated by demand also.

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