How boxing can help your WODs

28 Oct

By Naomi Gibson


As you may or may not know I have been teaching crossfitters the art of boxing at CrossFit SE11 for a few months now. I’m pleased to say we have some serious ninjas among us. I thought I’d provide a basic insight into what the Vauxhall class involves and how it can benefit what you do during the WOD classes.


Boxing raises your endurance capacity and base level cardiovascular fitness. During the class we build into the rounds plyometric circuits so even after the punching is done we maintain the effort – a boxer has to keep going even when the tank is empty. Boxing is a great alternative to running and more typical forms of cardio work.


Fast twitch fibres are stimulated during boxing – much the same as in CrossFit. These muscle fibres are responsible for explosive power – sprinters, dancers, boxers all have lots of fast twitch fibres. Just punching the bags and pads can build lean tissue.


Goes hand in hand with endurance but also stamina is developed during the CrossFit boxing session – we literally stop for water and a little technique and nothing much else. You will become very fit very quickly and vastly improve your staying power which is key to getting good whiteboard scores during the WODs.


During the boxing class you will learn complex combinations on the focus pads. This is a crucial part of the class and helps to develop your accuracy – you will be taught exactly where to land your punches. Accuracy in CrossFit? Two words for you: wall ball.


Correct technique is crucial when developing power in boxing – you will be taught the body bio-mechanics to generate power so you can punch with maximum effort using your core and hip drive – also used in many of the CrossFit movements.

photo (90)


Using focus pads during the class we go through boxing speed drills so you can become faster with your hands and develop faster reaction times.


Boxing is a technical sport to learn initially. There is no ceiling as to how much you can develop and hone your skills – you just keep getting faster, stronger, better so it never gets boring – very similar to CrossFit in that sense. Once you grasp the basic moves and find your feet (and hands) your skills get better and better each week. That is when it becomes very addictive!


Similar to CrossFit, boxing requires good balance. Your punches should come from your core so without balance your punches have no solid foundation – you quickly lose all the above without good balance.

Not only is boxing ridiculously fun and a mega stress buster but it will also help you batter the weekly WODs by improving all the aspects of fitness mentioned above.

The Crossfit boxing class takes place every Friday night at 6:30pm-7:30pm at Crossfit SE11 in London. If you’re looking for some more personal attention then I’m also now available for 1-2-1 boxing sessions.


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