The quickest way to get through to our Level 2 classes

01 Oct

photo (96)If you are thinking of getting into CrossFit we have a few options to get you into our regular classes (Level 2).

You can go through all seven of our Level 1 beginners classes, you can get take personal training sessions with one of us or if you’re looking for the quickest way, you can book on to this weekend’s i-Course at CrossFit SE11.

Attend the day here in Vauxhall, speak with the trainers afterwards and check that they are happy with your performance throughout the day and you’re good to go.

In fact, on top of learning all the movements we teach in our Level 1 classes you’ll also get some exposure to other movements that will crop up in the Level 2 classes such as muscle ups and L-sits.

Book your place by clicking here.

If you are a personal trainer/fitness professional you will also get 4 REPs CPD points for the morning and 3 for the afternoon.

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