Group event: The Major series

18 Nov


Earlier in the year Kat from CrossFit London had an idea to do Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest and we arranged a big group to take part. This happened over the weekend and we were all surprised how much fun it actually was, especially being part of a big group too.

We are now eyeing up future events. Are you in?

Here’s the next one that’s been thrown into the mix: The Major Series: South.

“The Major’s troops will be at Eridge Park for the Southern race. This 3000 acre private Estate is home to rolling hills, huge lakes, open parkland, and mud. Littered around the Estate are the many obstacles that the Major’s troops have designed for you – from deep stench trenches, balance beams and blockade walls to wobbly bridges over lakes and a freezing ice crawl, not to mention the steepest hills and the thickest woods.”


You can check out some of the obstacles here.

It takes place Saturday 29th March 2014.

Having never done one of these events before and kind of dreading it beforehand (along with most of the others too) I really enjoyed it, was great to hang out with lots of great people from our parent gym and have a really awesome time with lots of group support and encouragement. So come on CrossFit SE11, get involved.

If you fancy it we can get a group rate (over 10 people) which looks like it would come to a maximum of £38 per person (inc. booking fees).

If you’re interested then request that you are added to this Facebook group. Not on Facebook? Then email me directly.

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