WOD 27 November 2013

27 Nov


Level 2

Front squat 5-5-5

Pistols – drills and 15 minutes to practice technique

5 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest for max reps:
Dumbbell push press (15/10kg)
Pull ups
Dumbbell box step ups

Level 3

Front squat 5-5-5 (85%)

Weighted pistols 5-5-5 (each side)

5 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest for max reps:
Dumbbell push press (20/15kg)
Pull ups
Dumbbell box step ups

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Tomorrow morning will be the last class before we lose Paige before she returns to the US. I wrote a quick message on Facebook the other day to arrange a little get together post WOD last night, Paige replied with the best testimonial we’ve had so far (me and Rachel had to pretend we had something in our eyes when we read it)… stay strong Rachel, we’re made of harder stuff:

That really was so thoughtful and meant so much. I was actually just telling some crossfitters from home that I will be hard pressed to find a gym that even begins to compare to SE11. The coaches are consistent and quality in a way that I have not found where I have worked out at home. I love the way we go back to basics consistently with the fundamental movements to make sure that from Level 1 to Level 3 and beyond our form is impeccable. 

While our hour spent at the gym is used efficiently, it is also a fun atmosphere where all levels of fitness feel welcome. The coaches encourage an atmosphere where everyone is friends with each other, and each athlete seems to be just as excited about another athlete’s success as they are when they reach a goal themselves. Not only is the gym amazing, but SE11’s blog is one of my favorite places to go to check on the workout and read interesting tips and articles from other blogs. The layout is fantastic, and the effort that is put into it is apparent to the reader. 
My game has improved immensely in my time at SE11, which I owe completely to the wonderful coaches and supportive athletes. It was secretly my goal to reach Level 3 by the time I left, and I cannot thank you enough for pushing me. Thank you for consistently expecting more of me. I owe all of you so much. Thank you for welcoming me wholeheartedly and for making my time at London’s SE11 so wonderful. 
It is with great sadness that I leave. I have been a member of several boxes, but this one has meant the most.

Looking to start with CrossFit SE11 in Vauxhall?

Read this first for some insight in to London’s finest. Find out more about our beginners programme here, you can book online here and if you feel at all intimidated by all this scary CrossFit check this out tooAnd this too.

If you have any other questions then you should be able to find the answers on the website but if you’re still stuck you can email me here.

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