What we’re up to in the Oly classes

06 Dec

The focus between the Oly classes this week is starting from blocks above the knees. Certainly with many people starting out with the lifts the first pull (from the floor to approximately mid/upper thigh) can be the trickiest part. There are often a few reasons for this:

  • Beginners are used to conventional deadlifting
  • Struggle with shifting the weight towards the heels and pulling the knees out of the bar’s path
  • Lack of strength in the back and hamstrings (quick to fatigue)


The last few weeks in the Olympic lifting classes we’ve been using snatch/clean deadlifts or the halting variation to ingrain good positions through the first and second pulls.

This week we’ve taken the first pull out of the equation and started your lift above the knee so that you can focus on the second and third pulls.

The aim is to make all athlete levels more comfortable and proficient at getting into optimal positions through the stages of the lift and to help you ‘feel’ what those positions should be. Whether a beginner or seasoned crossfitter these classes are invaluable giving you greater time to focus on perfect positions and tidy reps.

Wednesday evenings and Saturday midday – get yourself booked in.

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