Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit

25 Feb

20140225-082733.jpgI came to CrossFit as a dancer and aerialist. It was pretty much a God-send to be honest given all the core strength and pull up strength that our programme demands. I built my upper body strength first through dance and then my aerial training. It’s amazing how much strength I gained simply by hanging off circus apparatus (and of course all the drills and intense training I’ve put in through the last 4 years).

It’s from this that I have lots of insight in how to get strong enough to be efficient with CrossFit gymnastics and why we are adding a new class, Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit to the CrossFit SE11 schedule.

20140225-082750.jpgThis class aims to build strong upper bodies, tight efficient body positions and core strength. Using a mixture of the rings, pull up bars, floor drills and spending time on our hands, we will pull, push, hang upside down, lift and twist our way to becoming gymnastic ninjas.

Building a strong foundation in your fundamental positions and basic gymnastic skills, dish/arch, leg lifts, skin the cats etc will give you better body awareness, make you stronger and more efficient in WODS and generally will make you cooler.

This class is for most people. Most moves will have a scaleable version, though to really get benefit from the class, a basic kick up to handstand (against the wall/spotter), and being able to hang from the bar reasonably comfortably will be beneficial.

Class will begin with a warm up including shoulder mobility, we will work on our basic floor positions and other floor based strengthening drills.

20140225-082829.jpgFrom there will will transfer to the rig where we will work with our body weight, often using each other as spotters so achieve full range-of-movement. This class will not be about speeding through the work load, rather taking time to work the rang of motion and focus on the correct form. Some weeks will will work on our handstand strength also, working on solid holds and assisted holds. Class will end with some partner stretching.

This is not a regular adult gymnastics class – you’ll find plenty of options for this at our Vauxhall gym and over at CrossFit London UK in Bethnal Green. This is geared towards improving the gymnastics skills that will come up during our Level 2 and 3 CrossFit classes.

The class kicks off next Monday 3rd March at 8pm. The following week it will then move to the earlier 7pm slot leaving Rachel’s schedule as 6pm Level 2, 7pm Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit, 8pm Level 2.

Only one thing left to do: get yourselves booked in. It’s all about Mondays.

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