Your CrossFit development

27 Feb


A few weeks ago we added in a Level 3 class to Sunday. Being still in our infancy as a CrossFit box in our own right our main focus is the Level 2 classes and will be for some time if not always. We can easily cater for the more advanced crossfitter within these classes and have done since we first opened our doors last May but the Level 3 class on a Sunday allows us to offer a faster paced class that assumes those attending are well versed in the spectrum of movements that CrossFit demands. Attendees expect heavier weight, less drills, a fuller schedule and more advanced movement coaching.

After the in-house competition on Saturday, coach Rachel and I were asked what are the Level 3 requirements. If you have a look at the Level 3 Classes page on the website you’ll see that we expect:

  • Performing the WODs at Rx (Level 3) or close to it
  • Expected to know your numbers
  • Expected to have a clear set of goals you are working towards
  • Expected to be logging workouts and taking your nutrition seriously

On top of this, Rachel and I offered a few other insights.

Within the team we look for those who are coasting now in Level 2 and perhaps need the Level 3 tag to show them that the coaches are expecting more and that the bar needs to be raised.

We look for a few benchmarks often the strict pull up being one and proficiency in the Olympic lifts another. Though to be fair this often comes down to the individual we look to see what you need to work on most and see how dedicated you are to improving.


We like to see attendance in the other speciality classes: Strength, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Boxing given each of these classes will develop you as a crossfitter.

We look at how well you work as a team member – when you finish a workout, do you just put your equipment away and get your coat or are you cheering on the others?

We look at how strict you are with form. Do you accept that pull up where your chin was almost above the bar, or do you give yourself a ‘no rep’ and make sure you rest and get a full clean rep on the next attempt?

Are you accurate with your rep counting? We are often on quality control duties to make sure you aren’t getting sloppy with your numbers.


We look that you get involved with CrossFit as a sport i.e. the competition side. If you are putting yourself up for the in-house competitions, throwdowns with other gyms and if you are entered in and participating in the CrossFit Open.

Finally we don’t like to hand out Level 3 too quickly despite how amazing a new member might be. Level 3 is not just for the most able, it’s also for the most committed people within our little community and so we need some time to see if this is you.


For many members Level 2 is enough. Lots of coaching, appropriate progressions or scaling where needed and undoubtedly a seriously tough but fun workout that is quite possibly a small part of the bigger picture (perhaps other sports and commitments mean that just a little bit of CrossFit is all they require). But if you are looking to develop as a crossfitter and are hungry for bigger snatch max, faster MetCon times and able to knock out ridiculous amounts of pull ups then Level 3 should be on your goal list and so now you should have a good idea what we’re looking for and I’ll be seeing you this weekend for the 14.1 Open WOD (Friday night or Sunday).

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