CFSE11 Teams update: 14.1

02 Mar


Yes, an update so soon.

An eventful catch-up Sunday saw the following 14.1 scores:

Nathalie: 1 round + 32 reps
Mirkya: 2 rounds + 7 reps
Pete Dalton: 4 rounds + 15 reps
Coach Daniel: 6 rounds + 30 reps
Coach Armando: 6 rounds + 31 reps

Also Karima, who is travelling submitted her score to me: 3 rounds + 44 reps

And the Team members and scores now look like:

Team A – The Thrusters
Team members: Rosie, Oli, Mark Harrison, Amy Humphries, Chris Welsh, Chris Parkman, Liam
Team additions: Pete Dalton
Total average score after 14.1: 164

Team B – The Wall Balls
Team members: Kat Lincoln, Coach Chris, Ffion, Cyril, Sun, Chris Halfpenny, Charnell
Team additions: Nathalie
Total average score after 14.1: 159

Team C – The Pull Ups
Team members: Joao, Amory, Andrew Crockett, Anayah, Odessa, Gaston
Team additions: Coach Daniel, Miryka
Total average score after 14.1: 141

Team D – The Burpees
Team members: Glyn, Vic, Lizzie, Sara, Conor, Rachael Parkman
Team additions: Armando, Karima
Total average score after 14.1: 136

We have a final catch up on Monday which will be your last chance to get involved with our Teams. So get yourselves booked in for Monday at 7pm and get involved.

That said – not quite ready for the Open? Then please come down to the gym on Friday night and support your fellow Sleveners during Open season, it’s a great way to get fired up with your own training. And afterwards we’ll head for a few cheeky drinks nearby in Vauxhall.

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