Final Team scores after last 14.1 classes

04 Mar


After the final bout of Monday 14.1 scores:

Attiyya: 1 round + 43 reps (scaled)
Sophie B: 2 rounds + 35 reps
Zach: 2 rounds + 1 reps
Johnny Wild: 3 rounds
Yuri: 4 rounds + 5 reps
Clem: 4 rounds
Cian: 2 rounds + 34 reps
Alex Begbie: 4 rounds + 35 reps

And the Team members and scores now look like:

Team A – The Thrusters
Team members: Rosie, Oli, Mark Harrison, Amy Humphries, Chris Welsh, Chris Parkman, Liam, Pete Dalton
Team additions: Zach, Johnny
Total average score after 14.1: 154

Team B – The Wall Balls
Team members: Kat Lincoln, Coach Chris, Ffion, Cyril, Sun, Chris Halfpenny, Charnell, Nathalie
Team additions: Sophie B, Alex Begbie
Total average score after 14.1: 161

Team C – The Pull Ups
Team members: Joao, Amory, Andrew Crockett, Anayah, Odessa, Gaston, Coach Daniel, Miryka
Team additions: Attiyya, Clem
Total average score after 14.1: 135

Team D – The Burpees
Team members: Glyn, Vic, Lizzie, Sara, Conor, Rachael Parkman, Armando, Karima
Team additions: Cian, Yuri
Total average score after 14.1: 134

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