Handbalancing classes at CrossFit SE11

06 Mar

20140306-084304.jpgMeet Craig Gadd, the latest addition to our team of incredibly talented gymnastics coaches. He brings to CrossFit SE11 his speciality in handbalancing. He has been a recreational gymnast for the past 9 years, followed by national level sport acrobatics for 3 years and studying at the National Centre for Circus Arts (specialising in handbalancing) for a year and half.

He is not only an experienced gymnast but he has also coached recreational gymnastics for 6 years, recreational trampolining for 2 years, squad level tumbling for 3 years and squat level sports acrobatics for 2 years.

Now you know a little about him you can check out Craig in action here:

You probably now have a fair idea what handbalancing is. So just be clear it is acrobatics through handstands, one-hand stands, planches and other unusual movements often with apparatus like blocks.


Attending his new classes on Saturday afternoons means you’ll be working towards feats of strength and awesomeness.

That said, like any new skill, to think that you’ll turn up on the first day and leave fully certified as ‘party trick king’, ready to impress people at parties, the supermarket, local church services etc. then we need to burst that bubble pretty quickly.

From this class you can expect, like all our classes, a focus on slowly building up progressive strength and skill through expertise coaching that will take you on a journey towards the skill itself, that requires dedication and patience. You’ll also soon find out that handbalancing represents much more than an impressive trick.

You will get stronger. Like all gymnastics movements, this skill requires you to be in control of your own body and have the strength to move your own bodyweight. There really is no greater strength, no matter what your snatch, clean or deadlift max may be.

Your CrossFit performances will improve. Because you’ll be stronger. You’ll be better with muscular control and the ability to move your own body. Improved gymnastic ability is improved athleticism.


Now before you walk about from this post saying, that’s not for me, I can’t even do a pull up or kick-up to handstand then please reconsider now. The benefit of having an experienced coach teach you a skill is that it’s their job to make sure you have the right stimulus at the right level that is accessible to you. If that doesn’t happen then we have failed as a coaching team. We strive for elite fitness, we don’t stipulate you must already have advanced skills to take part. So you really have no excuses not to try out a new, challenging and fun skill.

Make the most of our speciality classes. You have nothing to lose and only increased awesomeness to gain.

Handbalancing classes (at CrossFit SE11 in Vauxhall, London) start on March 15th at 1.30pm (introduction) and 2.30pm (beginners).

For the first week both classes are listed as ‘introduction’. From here Craig will make some selections and suggestions as to who is suitable for the next level up, beginners.

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