Strength class schedule

27 Mar


I’ve made some additions to the schedule regarding strength class.

Starting on 7th April there will be a new evening Basic Barbell – Strength Class at 7pm every Monday.

There will also be a Strength Catch-Up on Sundays at 2pm beginning 13th April.

In Strength Class we focus on four lifts. The current two day per weeks doesn’t allow me enough time to build in enough of the all important accessory work that complements your strength development, plus I want more time to improve pull up strength across the board.

If you are wanting to focus on pure strength, in effect your week could now look like this regarding the strength programme:

Monday: Back squat + accessory + pull up strength
Thursday: Press + accessory + pull up strength
Saturday: Deadlift + accessory + pull up strength
Sunday: (in catch-up session) Bench + own accessory work

All that said, there is no problem with your week still looking like the following and you will still get stronger:


Thursday: Back squat + bench + accessory if time
Saturday: Deadlift + press + accessory if time

Or any combination for when commitments outside of the gym means you can’t attend the session you would normally be at.

As always with new scheduling it’s going to be trial and error but hopefully this will allow more people to follow the strength programme that runs alongside our main class programming.

Any questions give me a shout.

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