The CrossFit SE11 Open Teams

01 Mar


We kicked it off all off yesterday. CrossFit Open WOD 14.1 was announced at 1am on Friday morning and we ran the workout all day on Friday, a few celebratory drinks afterwards on Friday night and we’ll be holding a catch-up class tomorrow at 1pm.

Dave Castro, Director of Training at CrossFit HQ, made a good first move. A very inclusive (thanks Sara Byrne – stealing your word) first workout that could successfully lure in any undeciders to actually sign up to the CrossFit Open and give HQ their $20.

We don’t require that you’re registered (even though doing so would mean you get to compare your performance with other crossfitters around the world). We’d like to see as many of you involved with this with or without full registration.

And to make it an even more lively affair, we’re putting you into teams. And so far it’s looking like this:

Team A – The Thrusters
Team members: Rosie, Oli, Mark Harrison, Amy Humphries, Chris Welsh, Chris Parkman, Liam
Total average score after 14.1: 160

Team B – The Wall Balls
Team members: Kat Lincoln, Coach Chris, Ffion, Cyril, Sun, Chris Halfpenny, Charnell
Total average score after 14.1: 170

Team C – The Pull Ups
Team members: Joao, Amory, Andrew Crockett, Anayah, Odessa, Gaston
Total average score after 14.1: 122

Team D – The Burpees
Team members: Glyn, Vic, Lizzie, Sara, Conor, Rachael Parkman
Total average score after 14.1: 102

Team rules:

  1. The score is calculated by the total number of reps, divided by the number of group members
  2. Non-Rx scores will be halved and then added to the group total. There’s no pressure to go Rx and you can still be involved.
  3. Group inclusion is dependent upon completing each of the five Open workouts or the athlete and scores will be removed from the group. (Hence why I didn’t include our Friday visitors above – sorry).
  4. Group inclusion is dependent upon the athlete performing the majority of their Open workouts at CrossFit SE11. So if you’re travelling, then you can still be included in a group and your score added.


As everyone saw on Friday, as we took the scores we simply added names to the next group on the list so the groups have been constructed completely at random.

We still have some big hopefuls yet to be assigned teams. With Zach, Nathalie, Coach Daniel and Coach Armando still to complete the workout and be given their teams. Also battling a nasty cold is Clem and given I don’t want to force her back to the gym early I’m considering arranging with Coach Rachel to come in to her Monday night class and let any final Open wannabe contenders perform the workout then, so if you’re wanting to get involved then let me know that you’d be up for this.

The best way to keep up to date with all our news is via our Facebook page. If you’re an active or previous member of the gym then please request to join and you’ll be added – click here to go straight there.

Get involved. Get yourself into a team.

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