Skills Clinic programme

09 Apr


By Coach Daniel
Over the past four weeks we have been covering muscle ups (the pull to transitions and then kipping ring dips) and seen a huge amount of progress from most and a few first time muscle ups too.
Also covered were levers and handstands, again a great improvement from everyone who attended. Keep drilling away at these skills and I promise you: put in the work and it will certainly pay of.
So the next four weeks (we kicked off Sunday just gone) is going to be:
The ‘cool’ one: levers front & back
The ‘very practical’ one: kipping and toes-to-bar
The wild card: ?
Don’t worry guys if you are unsure about these skills they can all be scaled to learn.
Get signed in to the next 4 weeks and see what improvements you can make to your skill set and workout times.

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