New class: hitting the basics on your Olympic lifts

18 Jun

photo (12)Heads up SE11, we’ve added a new class to the schedule. It’s going to be an experiment – we’ll run it over three weeks and see how we feel it goes, how much interest there is and if it addresses a certain problem I think we currently have.

That problem is that I feel some members may feel that the current Olympic lifting classes aren’t for them or perhaps too intimidated given they’re new to all this and not enough confidence with the lifts yet. So if this is you, then this class is for you.

It’s on the schedule as Basic Barbell – Olympic Lifting Basics. The focus will be on lots of drills, reinforcing positions and building good technique to give you greater confidence with the clean, jerk and snatch.

It’s not really going to be incredibly different from the other classes apart from a slightly slower pace and extended drill sessions.

photo (13)It is certainly aimed at beginners, people new to us who have recently completed their Level 1. But it is also for anyone else who wants to spend some time nailing the basics and improving their technique.

Expect lots of drills and then some time towards the end of the session to put in to practise what you have gone over with some relatively heavy lifting (whether that be 15kg in total or involve some of the bigger bumpers – ‘heavy’ becomes relative to you and where your lifting is).

I’ll be running the session but will also be assisted by our very own Cyril who joined Daniel and I on a recent Catalyst Athletics seminar, soon to be doing his CrossFit Level 1 and with a keen interest in sharing his passion for the Oly lifts.

We’ll trial this class beginning on Saturday 28th June 2014 at 12pm. Get your confidence, then go after those lifts and big numbers.

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