Olympic Lifting at CrossFit SE11

07 Jul

photo (27)I recently announced our new CrossFit SE11 class, Basic Barbell – Olympic Lifting Basics, and we have already seen that the class is incredibly useful in helping members with technique and confidence.

The first week saw us hit up some work on the clean and jerk before moving to our main focus for the session, snatch.

The second week we spent the first half of the session going over some snatch drills before turning our attention to the clean.

Next weekend we’ll drill some clean again and then focus on jerk technique.

The plan is to rotate each week to finish with working up in weight on one of these three lifts. This class is also now a permanent fixture on the Saturday schedule.

In addition to this extension, Carolyn has also reinstated her 5.30pm Wednesday night Olympic Lifting class to meet the current demand. This class follows a progressive programme so if the weekends are no good for you training wise then there is another mid-week option. Please remember that the non-Basics Olympic lifting classes are appropriate for all levels and experience.

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