Changes to Monday night schedule

25 Sep

photo (15)We’re beefing up the Monday night schedule. We’re adding in another Strength class (both that happen on Mondays will be identical so no attending both!), a Monday night Olympic Lifting class, an extra Level 2 class and a new late Level 3 class.

Before I go on any further I need to address all the massive eager beavers we have who will now be spoilt for choice. Ideally one class is enough for you but there are some combinations that work ok: Oly and Strength, Skills then a Level 2, Gymnastics Strength and a Level 2, Strength then a Level 2. We do not recommend you ever (should you try to) doing three classes in a row. So please don’t or we’ll need to stage a CrossFit-style intervention. Also it’s pretty foolish to attempt to do a Level 2 then something else. You have no guarantee what the MetCon/conditioning will be and so you may in pieces and so another class becomes a struggle or even impossible and counter-productive.

So back to Mondays, the new schedule will kick off from Monday 6th October and will look like this:

5.30pm Level 2 (Rachel)

5.30pm Basic Barbell – Strength (Chris – though on the 6th Oct Maria is covering whilst I’m away)

6.30pm Basic Barbell – Olympic Lifting (Rachel)

6.30pm Level 2 (Chris as the regular coach)

7.30pm Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit (Rachel)

7.30pm Strength (Chris as the regular coach)

8.30pm Level 2 (Rachel)

8.30pm Level 3 (Chris – this will kick off from 13th Oct)

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