Recap: Olympic Lifting Basics

28 Sep

photo (17)I may be biased given this has been mine and Cyril’s little project but I think Olympic Lifting Basics is one of the most useful classes on the schedule.

Yesterday we focussed on the snatch with a number of objectives: improving confidence in getting under the bar, working on a fast turnover but mostly it was about encouraging full hip extension. The session plan:

  • Muscle snatch from mid-thigh + snatch balance
  • Tall snatch
  • Chest bump from mid-thigh
  • Heaving snatch balance from mid-thigh
  • Halting deadlift + mid-thigh snatch
  • Snatch

So far we’ve seen a range of different levels attend this class, from fresh out of Level 1 through to Level 3 athletes. Sometimes just going back to basics pays big dividends to your training.

Next week we’ll hit the jerk again.

photo (16)

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