Sleven Social – Halloween Special

31 Oct
photoWOD 1 “Gruesome Games”
In two teams (Humans and Undead) complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
1 FANG power snatches (35/25kg) – in turn with only one person working at a time, each team member must complete their reps before the first team member can proceed to…
3 PHANTOM push press – as above
5 hang power CORPSE cleans – as above
7 FRIGHTENING front squat – as above
9 DREADlifts – as above
Then all team members do 5 BEASTLY burpees together and one round in complete. All burpees must be done before the next round can start.
Every complete round is 25 points. Incomplete rounds can still have reps counted towards the final score.
WOD 2 “The Chase”
The Humans go first.
The Undead start 3 minutes after and must try to catch their designated human:
800m RANCID run (Black Prince Road and back)
40 SCARE squats
60 SLIMEY sit ups
40 POSSESSED push ups
20 PUTRID pull ups
400m RANCID run (Jonathan Street and back)
Points. For every human caught – 25 points to the Undead. For every unsuccessful Undead chaser – 25 points to the humans.

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