Competition class… and you

12 Nov

photo 3 (3)You may have noticed that we’ve added a Competition/Team Training class to the schedule. These take place on Tuesday mornings at 7am and Saturday mornings at 8.30am.

Who is the class for? It’s aimed at all Level 3 tagged athletes who are looking to train CrossFit as a sport, with the aim to compete as individuals and/or as part of a CrossFit SE11 team. It’s only open to regular CFSE11 members not visitors.

If you aren’t interested in competing then it’s business as normal for you: general fitness through CrossFit methodology in our Level 2 classes delivered by superior coaches.
photo 2 (3)If you have taken part in the recent Box Battles, any of the previous in-house competitions, looking forward to The Athlete Games or The CrossFit Games Open early next year – then Competition/Team Training could be the class for you.
Before we can let you join the class we need you to earn your stripes first – this is done first in Level 1 as you begin your journey, it is then cemented in Level 2 classes as you get faster and more capable at CrossFit workouts and start hitting those Rx weights. It’s also supplemented by improving your base strength in Strength Class, your weightlifting in Olympic Lifting classes, and your gymnastic abilities in Gymnastics Strength for CrossFit and Skills Clinic.
Wow… that’s a tall order right? But we need to have you up to a good standard of performance in order for you to get involved with the competition class.
photo 1 (3)At CrossFit SE11 we pride ourselves on how welcoming, inclusive and friendly we are as a gym and a community. This will also remain part of our character. As we develop we must also meet the needs of those who seek to compete. If this is you then you may need to hit a few more milestones before we believe you’re ready our latest class and programme and we will also encourage and push you towards this.
To find out how you are doing, where you are at and what you need to do to be tagged as Level 3 athlete then send me an email and I’ll gather the thoughts of the team and report back. If you have any general questions about the new class you can also contact Tom who will be running these classes – email him here.

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