The superior trainer, less woo hoo, more Drill and ABFB

06 Jan

The Superior trainer isn’t necessarily the supportive  and motivational one: although the best do support and motivate you too.  The superior trainer  is the one who has the courage, the foresight  and the pure ability to break complex skills down into bits so you can practice them on your own.

They also constantly feedback. We often tell our trainers that  their job is….



Always, be feeding back. Always be feeding back

It is the inter relationship of  drill based sessions  and feedback that drives performance . Knowing the movement and the drills and the faults,  and which drills cure which faults, is key. See  this article

Coaches may well entertain you and make you feel great, but their principle role should be  that of teacher.

At the end of the day you want to feel great because you achieved your goals, not because someone flatters you.

But, if they can go “woo hoo” and high five you,  it helps a bit. But remember, anyone can high five you. Only a genuine trainer can improve your performance

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