The zone: The only diet that works?

05 Jan

Over the last  30 years, kate and I have been obliged to review a lot of diet regimes. As we have been trainers for some time now, we are perfectly placed to see what works and what doesn’t.

A lot of Kate’s experience was “up close and personal“, mine was initially from an academic and interested bye stander, then trainer point of view. Diets, the abuse of food, appalling eating habits, and total disregard for the sanctity of food, by individuals,  “commerce” and Government is wholly remarkable. In an age where we have brought to book  the cigarette industry and license the sale of alcohol  we will hang our heads in shame in about 50 years time at the way we currently abuse food.

There are lots of diets, but the Zone, for most people tops them all.

Even if you don’t follow the details, the idea that meals should have carb AND  protein AND fat, is a revelation to many. Getting to  understand even the roughest acceptable  quantities is an eye opener for  almost everyone.

Try it for a  week. Most of the information you need is here.





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